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PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) Branding Tools have emerged as indispensable instruments in the field of name branding for T.C Rolls (Tungsten Carbide Rolls), China Rolls, and Block Rolls with hardness exceeding 95+ HRA. These specialized tools play a crucial role in achieving precision and durability in the branding process.

The key feature of PCD Branding Tools lies in the use of polycrystalline diamond, an ultra-hard synthetic material composed of multiple diamond crystals. This material offers exceptional hardness, abrasion resistance, and thermal conductivity, making it ideal for applications where extreme conditions are prevalent. Chouhan Mechanics  are the one of the leading manufacturer of PCD Name Branding Tools for Name Branding Process, We supply maximum numbers of TMT Rolling Mills.


In the context of T.C Rolls, China Rolls, and Block Rolls, which are known for their high hardness levels, PCD Branding Tools prove to be highly effective. The hardness of 95+ HRA ensures that these tools can withstand the demanding environments and provide long-lasting performance. This robustness is essential when dealing with rolls used in heavy-duty industrial processes, such as metal forming and rolling mills.

PCD Branding Tools | PCD Name Marking Engraving Tools by CMPL

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