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What is CNC Arbor | Use of CNC Rib Cutting Arbor | Arbor Manufacturer in India.

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Introduction : Welcome to the New Blog, We, Chouhan Mechanics Pvt Ltd, Manufacturer of CNC Rib Cutting Arbor & Consumables of CNC Machine in India. CNC Arbors are one of the most important equipment's in CNC Machine.There are various types of CNC Rib Cutting Arbors available those are : Arbor Black for CNC Rib Cutting, Split Arbor, Arbor’s Top, Arbor’s Shanks, TMT Roll Notching Arbor, China Arbor for TMT CNC Rib Cutting.We dedicated manufacturer of cnc arbor. We use High Quality Materials for making cnc arbor.

What is CNC Rib Cutting Arbor : Arbor is perfect to be used in various work conditions of steel plants to ensure smooth operation. Cast iron double walled structure head stock of this machine is suitably dimensioned with internal support ribs to maintain maximum rigidity.

Use of Arbor : They are used for holding cutting tools during machining operations that primarily involve slotting and milling. The machine is known for its ease of operations, and uses the mechanical process to cut into the rolls. The offered CNC Rib Cutting Arbor is very efficient and durable. It is easy to operate.

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Indian Mechanics
Indian Mechanics
Oct 21, 2022

Great !

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